About Pioneer Spirit

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the very proud new owners of Pioneer Spirit. We have been customers of Pioneer Spirit for many years and always loved the product. In fact, we loved the products so much we bought the company! In the next few weeks we are putting everything together to continue the great products Stephanie and Shaye have built over the many years they have dedicated to this enterprise. We hope to be able to keep your loyalty to the product as we continue to grow and offer new products with environmentally friendly ideas in mind. 


Thank you very much, we can’t wait to meet with you and grow Pioneer Spirit together.


Susan Stewart and Shawn Skeffington

What We Do

Pure beeswax candles burn clean, have long burn times,
a glowing bright flame, and have a history of helping
alleviate allergy and asthmatic symptoms.

Local Sourcing

All our products come from local Canadian Bee Farmers to ensure superior quality all while supporting Canada!


Pioneer Spirit products are all made by hand right here in Sudbury, Ontario. We use tried a true techniques to create some beautiful natural products.

Sustainable Packaging

We acknowledge the fact that we must help our planet in any way possible. This is why we are pledging to switch to environmentally friendly packaging.